About A Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is generally needed for every website or a set of related company websites that may develop a heavy amount of traffic, for example, a site that knows how to handle up to 35 million customers a day. The server can usually be set up and conducted remotely from the client company. Web hosting companies may also claim that the use of a dedicated server on their grounds saves router, security system, Internet connection and network administration costs.

In the Web hosting industry, a dedicated server mention to the rental and restricted use of a computer which includes a Web server, related software and connection to the Internet, stored in the Dedicated Web hosting company’s grounds.

While renting a dedicated server hosting, the client company may be needed to use a specific computer system or may be provided a choice of many systems. Some host providers also permit a client company to buy and install their own computer server at the host provider’s location, a service which is known as colocation.

Offerings of a Dedicated server

Normally, a dedicated server is rented that offers a lot of memory, means a large number of gigabytes of data that can be transferred each month along with bandwidth and hard disk space. Some hosting companies permit the renter of a dedicated server to do virtual hosting, in turn renting supplies on the server to third parties for their websites. Domain name system, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and e-mail abilities are normally included and some companies also offer an easy to use and handle control interface.

If you planning to launch a website, you will definitely need a server for your photos, web pages, audio, and video files that will make up your online presence.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the servers, here’s a quick review: A server is a computer that manages the information requests and transfers data to other computers over a wired or wireless network. For example, this web page has also its cause or basis on a server, which your browser is accessing and interpreting.

Shared server powers multiple websites but a dedicated server is unlike shared server because it hosts just one website. Website strength and loyalty are the two benefits of investing your money in a dedicated server. Your website influences a server’s full RAM,CPU and HDD resources. If you are using a shared server and more than one of the websites hosted on it gets a heavy traffic and your pages might be start loading very slowly or even not loading at all. Dedicated servers provide you a greater control over the applications and scripts that you install on the server.

Reliability of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers sound really great because they really are. Additionally, you should also be aware of their comparably high prices. Setting up website on a dedicated server may cost you over $100 per month but on a shared server, on the other hand, can be rented for under $10 per month. Well you will also need to manage firewalls and support yourself unless you choose for a managed server, which normally costs much more than a Dedicated server.

A Glance at the Web Hosting Services

A casual glance at the many web hosting services we have also given here many of the similar-looking offers but the discriminating eye will surely point out some delicate differences. You will definitely want a server with significant amounts of disk space, preferably unlimited disk space for saving and storing files.

Features of a Dedicated Server

You have a lot of features for example: e-commerce options, Ample RAM, 24/7 customer service and unlimited monthly data transfers.

Many of the Web hosts that we have reviewed or listed in our website has offered dedicated servers with 1TB hard drives, unlimited mailboxes, domains and 16GB of RAM. Some of the prices are listed for shared servers but we have also listed the prices of a Dedicated server you can click and review them too.

If a dedicated server hosting looks like it will be more of a Web host than you need, you can also start up instead of our overall Web hosting collation, which includes more information on entry level pricing for less demanding websites.

Dedicated Server Standard Features

  • Account and Billing Management

Our Dedicated server host has provided customers with full control over their billing features. We have provided the facilities of secured payment options, Invoice management, optional account credits and an entire control of active account services.

  • Customer Support

Our dedicated server host provides the customers with rapid response customer support available to you 24/7/365 and an industry leading technical support with an average 15 minute response time.

  • Enterprise DDoS Protection

Not all the dedicated server hosting companies provide the facility of DDoS protection. But we have provided DDoS protected networks which are powered by enterprise grade RioRey DDoS mitigation appliances. And all of their servers are protected by the RioRey hardware which exists on the edge of their network.

  • Remote Power Reboots

Our hosting company has the two tiered remote reboot ability offering two methods of remote reboot. One of which is being a soft reboot that attempts to cut off the system prior for restarting it and the other is being a hard power reboot.

  • 1 Gbps Network Speeds

Many dedicated server hosting companies have set their selves apart from the competing other hosting companies because most of them include 1 Gbps network uplink ports with all dedicated servers which ensures the fastest possible data transfers.

  • Average 15min. Response Time

Our hosting company provides no excuse to 15 minutes response time guarantee because they have granted their valued clients access to the customer support available to them 24/7/365 which provides the most effective responses in the hosting business.

  • 10TB Bandwidth

All servers have standard package of 10terabytes of monthly bandwidth which is connected over a 1Gbps network port with several 10Gbps backbones connected with excessive tier 1 network carriers.

  • IPMI / KVM

Our dedicated host provides IPMI/KVM buck up interface for you as a standard package, so that you can be able to resolve any unexpected software issues or unexpected system block outs.

  • 100% Uptime SLA

Our hosting company offers an industry leading SLA, providing our customers 100% uninterrupted power and network access. If we have failed to meet this standard you will be credited for the given outage period.

CPanel Dedicated Servers

We have provided you with the best Dedicated Servers which are fully constructible. While we focus on handling data centers, hardware, networking and application infrastructure with the extreme security and reliability, Dedicated Server Hosting solutions permit you to focus on operating and growing up your business very well. You may just choose our Linux servers with fast HDD drives and build your ideal IT hosting environment which is all backed by exceptional services and top customer support available to you 24/7.

Our Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Servers are carefully structures to make you sure a reliable, secure, robust and extremely satisfactory hosting experience. We provide our customers a wide range of models that are fully personalized and are also built to meet most your hosting needs which are powered by our Enterprise-level Network. If you need a more professional solution or have any questions or queries, you are welcome to contact us anytime and it will be our pleasure to guide you the right way.

Before making any purchasing Dedicated Server decisions make sure you talk to one of our Hosting expertise right this time to understand your needs and propose you some professional IT solutions that will match your industry reality and needs.

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