Brew Paws Porter The Very Patient Puppy

Beer and dogs.

As long as you are not actually giving the beer to the dogs, you can hardly go wrong with the combination.

And so today, the Brew Paws series on brewers and their dogs continues. Matthew Peters, a Kansas City-area homebrewer who sometimes supplies me with beer mash for my homemade beer biscuits, answered the following questions.

What’s your favorite beer?

I am a huge fan of seasonal beers. As a result, my favorite beer changes with the season, but I always find myself to be excited when Bob’s 47 is released by Boulevard.

What’s your favorite beer that you have made?

My favorite beer that I have made would probably be the coconut porter. I was really worried that it would wind up being terrible, but instead I made the beer version of a Mounds candy bar. [Ed. note: I got to try the coconut porter, and it really was delicious!]

How did you get into homebrewing?

After I completed my long 200 beer journey to earn a plate at the Flying Saucer (#380) I felt I had learned enough about different brews, and could start brewing my own without any problems. I bugged my father-in-law about it for a little over a month, and then I came over to watch a Chiefs game, and he had the entire operation ready to go.

Who is your dog?

My dog’s name is “Porter”. Yes, he is named after the style of beer. He was rescued from a southern Missouri puppy mill. Porter is 5 months old, and a Corgi/Boston Terrier mix.

Is Porter a good drinking buddy?

He is a better brewing buddy than a drinking buddy. He’ll watch the entire brewing process, and not move for the entire four hours the process can take. I think he knows that we’re beginning the process that creates treats for him (seriously, he loves the treats you make).

Big thanks to Matthew for sharing his thoughts and his pictures of adorable Porter! I will be sure to send more biscuits your way soon!

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