Delta-8- What Is It and How It Is Different From CBD

The cannabis sector is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. More and more individuals are getting curious about the plant and its derived goods. Consumers are interested in knowing its health benefits and use cases. And as people start gaining knowledge about the plant, they come across two names, CDB and Delta-8 (THC).

People who know about CBD can also vouch for Delta-8 and its properties. But many who are new to this whole cannabis sector may find it difficult to differentiate the two. So let’s dive into this topic and understand what Delta-8 is and what makes it different from CBD.

What is Delta-8, and what are its benefits?

Delta-8 THC is similar to Delta-9 THC. They both are psychoactive compound that relaxes and gives the effect of “being high.” The only difference between the two is in their chemical potent. So on that basis, Delta-8 THC is comparatively a lot less potent than Delta-9 THC.

Here are some of the benefits of Delta-8 THC

  • Relaxed Psychoactive experience

People strongly react to the delta-9 THC. But, many people are anxious about “getting high,” so for them, Delta-8 is a much safer alternative due to its less potency than the former. Many users of Delta-8 claim that ever after consuming it, they can stay focused and feel relaxed at the same time.

  • Neuroprotection

Another benefit that Delta-8 THC has is improved brain health. It has remarkable properties which act as neuroprotection for the brain. It is even beneficial for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Pain Relief

Delta-8 THC is also being used as a pain reliever over other cannabinoids. Products like CBD tinctures can treat inflammation and chronic pain due to Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathy.

  • Appetite Boost

Some people like using cannabis as munchies. So for them, Delta-8 THC is the best option. A single dose will do wonders to increase one’s appetite significantly. So, people with eating disorders or low appetite issues can benefit from consuming Delta-8 THC.

  • Digestive Support

This cannabis compound can also control and prevent vomiting and nausea. Researchers advise using Delta-8 for calming the side effects of cancer therapies. Both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC help with soothing nausea, but people avoid Delta-9 because of its strong psychoactive properties.

Difference between CBD and Delta-8 gummies

One noticeable difference is that CBD gummies do not produce “high,” whereas Delta-8 does. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, unlike Delta-8 THC.

Also, CBD gummies are more readily available than the Delta-8 gummies. Slowly, as delta-8 is gaining popularity and is coming more to people’s notice, it is still primarily available on the online website compared to dispensaries.

If one decides on using Delta-8 THC, keep in mind to start with a low dose, maybe 5-10 mg. Try that quantity and see what effects it has on the body. If one is already used to consuming Delta-9 THC, they can take about 25-40mg dosage of Delta-8. Irrespective of being an experienced cannabis user, the body reacts differently to different chemical compositions. So give it time to react and get used to Delta-8 THC.