Expect Today Nest Migration 12

There are a few changes that Niantic has applied to Pokemon GO. Thanks to these changes, Nest Migrations are happening again. Players have a chance to raid new Nests in their areas so there is a way to catch a ton of some Pokemon. Here are the changes to expect in the recent Pokemon GO Nest Migration.

Nest Changes Already For Some

Redditor Adeel_007 shares a weird change in the Pokemon GO Nest Migration this time. The player notes that the huge park near his city had a lot of nests. However, after the Nest Migration only one of the Nest in the area has changed. The player reports that the Goldeen Nest changed to Rhyhorn after the update.

Redditor BenBenNova shares the same sentiments in the Pokemon GO Nest Migration in his area. “Anyone ever seen this? a nest that had 3-7 Pokemon up at once went from Charmander to Doduo today out of the regular migration rotation. Other nests in the area are still the same,” says the player. For now, we have yet to see whether or not every player is experiencing the same case with the Nest Migration.

The recent Nest Migration is a pretty different one from past Migrations. Usually, almost all of the Nests change after a Migration. It’s possible this isn’t the major nest migration hasn’t occured yet.

A few players also speculate that new Pokemon might have entered the game after the recent changes. It is not a really surprising move for Niantic as it has been more than a month since Gen 2 was introduced in the game.

For now, no players are reporting to have seen any new Gen 2 Pokemon in the game. There is a possibility that Niantic is readying Pokemon GO for Gen 2, and it could be the reason why not all Nests are changed after the update. Hopefully, we would see more new Pokemon soon. However, without official word from Niantic, we should not count on it too much. Codes for Gen 2 have been available in the game for quite a while so we could still see new Pokemon soon.

According to TheSilphroad moderator Dronpes, the 12th migration has already gone live. Players from different countries also verified the nest changes in their area. These include Scyther nest becoming a Zubat nest, Polywag nest to a Ponyta nest, and more.

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