How Privnote can assist in sharing private notes securely?

Private messages can be considered as a very effective way of communicating when an agent or admin is sharing any in-line comment to a particular issue which he or she want to assign to a particular agent. This is an end to end encrypted message which can only be read by the agent whom you are targeting. 

There are plenty of apps available online now through which you can share the private messages safely and securely. Privnote can be considered one of the best among them. There are certain things which you need to check when you are choosing a particular app for sharing personal notes to your colleague.

What things to be checked?

There are certain things you need to check when you are choosing any app for sharing the private messages with your colleagues.

  • As you will share private messages through app, security and safety maintained while the message is getting transmitted will be important. Most of these apps transmit the messages in an encrypted way. However, the strength of the encryption is something that you need to take in consideration. The encryption provided by the app should be that much powerful that even a spy cannot check the data you are sending through the app.
  • Apart from the security of the private message sent, the purging of the message will be important. As it is a secret message you will not want the long time storage of the message by any chance. Hence, you should check whether the message is going to be purged automatically once the receiver has already read it. Even if the recipient doesn’t read the message it should be purged within 30 days automatically.
  • As it is a private message, you will also want to send it very fast and the recipient should receive the same very quickly as well so that any third person doesn’t get the opportunity to check the same by any chance. You should surely check whether the app is capable in providing the fastest services or not. 
  • You will also check the dashboard of the app. It should be easy to handle. By only clicking ‘write note’ and ‘send’ button you should be able to send the message you want.

Benefits of private message:

When you are working in an office environment there may be different things which you may want to share privately to a specific colleague. There may be certain information like the WIFI password, server configuration, and specific information about the customer and many others which must be shared privately through Privnote. Private notes can help you to fulfill this requirement without any problem. 

It is considered to be the safest and most secure way of sharing information with the specific people who are entitled to know the message. As the message gets purged after a certain period of time, you can be double assured that nobody except the person you want the message to read, is going to have any idea about what you have written in the note. Even the message cannot be read by the app itself as it will be strongly encrypted.