How To Get Longer Lashes

How to Get Longer Lashes in Just 2 Weeks

Having longer, luscious eyelashes in a symbol of beauty and desirability in most cultures across the globe. Women of all ages are looking for how to get longer lashes to accentuate their eyes, to feel more radiant and beautiful.

Long and glamorous eyelashes are something that all women want. It can be super frustrating to look into the mirror and see a bald eyelid. Even though you weren’t born with Angelina Jolie-length eyelashes, there are proactive measures you can take to increase the strength, length and overall health of your precious lashes.

If you’re looking for information on how to get longer lashes, you have come to the right place. We will discuss the main causes of short, weak lashes and provide you with some solutions to your pain point.

Causes of short and weak eyelashes

Genes play a huge roll in the natural length of your lashes. Some ladies were just born with them! This also has a role in how naturally strong your lashes are and how avoid you will experience brittle or lashes that fall out.

If you experience any health issues, it can also have an impact on how your eyelashes grow and how quickly they replenish themselves. Sometimes side effects of certain medicines or antibiotics can have an effect, too. Just something to be aware of.

If you regularly are apply harsh chemicals or products to your lashes it can be hard on the follicle to rejuvenate itself naturally. Stripping your body of the lotions and moisturizers it produces can be hard on the lash and can cause thin and flimsy hairs. Make sure to be careful and aware of the things above, and follow the tips below to promote healthy and longer lashes.

Get longer lashes tips:

Brush your lashes

This might seem odd, but brushing your eyelashes can actually help stimulate movement in the lash line to promote healthy growth and circulation. It can also make it much easier to apply mascara evenly without clumping after brushing out your lashes.

Keep lashes moisturized

Products like Vaseline are also good for moisturizing your lashes. Rub a little into your lid right before you go to sleep and you’ll slowly begin to see an increase in the length of your lashes.

Avoid harsh eyelash extensions/glues

These synthetic extensions and glues can really irritate the lash line and cause breakage. If you are trying to get longer lashes, this can stunt natural growth with pulling and tugging. These adhesives can pull and damage your existing lashes.

Use a gentle makeup remover

Make sure to use a gentle facial cleanser when removing makeup. Just like your skin, your eyelash hair is delicate and fragile if not taken care of properly.

Olive oil

Olive oil is best known for eyelash moisturization. This oil is potent with Vitamin E and K, making it an effective anti-oxidant. It can be used to make hair even more soft and shiny. This moisture aids lashes in growing and expanding to their optimum length.

Use lengthening mascaras

There are many speciality mascaras on the market that claim to add earth-shattering length. Make sure you are purchasing high-quality makeup and are replenishing your supply after a few months to avoid expired mascara.

Vitmain E lotion

Vitamin E is a natural conditioner and protector of moisturizer. This is a great product for adding some strength to the base of your lashes, allowing them to hang on a bit longer and sprout to a longer length.

Staying healthy

Having a good diet and drinking lots of water obviously has its benefits. Staying hydrated and ingesting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals that keep hair strong and healthy will also have an effect on your eyelashes over time.

Avoid tugging and pulling

If you want to get longer lashes, stop pulling and tugging at them! This creates unwanted irritation and can cause brittle lashes to fall out completely. Don’t worry, they will grow back, but it will take longer and make cause permanent damage further down the road.

Try an eyelash lengthening serum

There are many products on the market that will help naturally promote and enhance the eyelash growth cycle. These products not only give you longer lashes, they provide density, darkness in colour and thickness. These lengthening serums speed up the process and can give you luscious, glamorous lashes in just weeks.

Products to get longer lashes

There are many products to choose from when it comes to finding an eyelash lengthening serum that works. If you are searching how to get longer lashes, take a look at the products below. If you’ve been longing to have your lashes back, or are tired of dull, stubby lashes that don’t make you self-conscious every time you go out.

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