How To Understand The Number That Influences Your Karma

The karmic number, derived from summing the numerical values assigned to the consonants that make up your full birth name, is an expression of your unconscious self. This number gives you insight into your hidden hopes, fantasies and fears much of which is expressed outwardly at an unconscious level and, although seen by others, often escapes your notice.

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It is often reflected, unbeknown to you, so that others see it but you are oblivious to it’s effects. This can cause some frustration and confusion as you become the recipient of others reactions to this unconscious behavior whereas you may have been trying to exhibit, consciously, an entirely different behavior.

The key to using your Karmic influence number is to attain a numerology reading and interpretation of the number that influences this aspect of your life. Learn to understand to potential implications and then adjust your behavior to both take advantage of the positive effects that are conferred and to avoid or prepare for the potential negative effects of the influences expressed.

A mistake made by many is that of thinking that your Karma is set and that you cannot do anything about it, you must pay for your past lives actions.

This does not fit very well with the philosophy that we all come into life at some point with no knowledge of how to live and function, it all has to be learned , this in turn is dependent on our experiences and the how we respond to them, a response that is itself dependent on previous experiences. What numerology does is give you a tool that can help you understand and develop strategies to journey through life a lot more productively so that the lessons of life can be learned and the path to enlightenment becomes a little clearer.

To assist you in this, here is a brief summary of the effects of each of the numbers on your karma.

Karma Number 1: Leading others along the path to success will go a long way in bringing you good karma. By helping others through giving selflessly what you have to offer by way of skills and experience you will come to make better choices in your own journey. This requires a tempered approach as some may read you, on first meeting, as being a control freak who is only interested in your own selfish needs. Being ignored, so that what you have to offer is not heard, is among your greatest fears.

Karma Number 2: Be weary of self destruction tendencies of jealousy, possessiveness and fanatical obsessions as these will surely destroy you. Learn to love yourself, for who you are, so that you can love others without compromising your own self esteem. If you fail to control these facets of your character you may nurture a fear of being left alone which in turn may foster an outward impression of a manipulative and socially needy individual.

Karma Number 3: Your biggest fear may well be one of being trapped or otherwise restricted in expressing yourself. To be really successful just do the things that you really enjoy and success will come. Be cautious of developing an attitude that the world owes you a living; a useful way to avert this, is to perform an act of charity or kindness with no expectations. Unconsciously you may present an impression of being a threat to others, on first meeting, however, if you are aware of this you can prevent it before it becomes a problem.

Karma Number 4: Your natural predisposition to care for others may restrict you from developing a fuller inner harmony. You are advised to spend time developing relationships with others and to engage in meditation, in order to access inner peace. Your obsessive enthusiasm for pursuing the things that interest you may give others an impression of fanaticism and your greatest fear may well be one of the world around you slipping into chaos. Learn to relax and let things reveal themselves fully, before responding.

Karma Number 5: One of your biggest challenges is letting others express themselves without judgment from you. Every one has a message and it is these differences in how we wish to express ourselves that make creativity happen. Step aside and allow them to express themselves, learn to be humble and learn about the ideas of others. As you may have realized people may have come to see you as a judgmental critic with an overbearing ego. Develop humility and the ability to listen to others and you will greatly improve your karma.

Karma Number 6: You will do well by living with a philosophy of “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Learn to treat everyone with a friendly, caring spirit as unconsciously you may be seen by others as just using them to obtain social status. One of your biggest concerns may be one of not being recognized for your work. Just be resolute in your efforts and the rewards will come.

Karma Number 7: Learn to take others as they are and be prepared to assist those whose behavior you may deem unacceptable. Be careful of making class distinctions and subsequent judgments. You may also benefit greatly by facing your fears of being left to your own devices and of grabbing life by the horns and driving forward. Be wary to the likelihood that others may develop an impression that you are neurotic or too complex to understand; a result of the unconscious aura you may project.

Karma Number 8: Maintain a firm belief in your ability to achieve your objectives. Continue to work relentlessly for what you want and don’t let others deter you. Wealth is often found associated with the number 8 and others’ may develop an impression that you are a self-centered and greedy person. Your greatest fear is that of being poor, however, remember that you will gain by giving and consider donating 10% of your income to worthy charities.

Karma Number 9: You will gain a great deal of karmic value from developing a more positive belief that the universe is a beautiful place that has limitless possibilities. You should develop a positive attitude and learn to trust others to reap the rewards that will come as a result. Unconsciously you may give other people an impression that you are trying to seek approval or that you have a passive aggressive nature that you use to manipulate people.

Karma Number 11: The master numbers work best from the spiritual level. As a number 11 you must learn to trust your intuition by controlling the interference from your rational mind. A lesson that you must come to heed is that you attract what you expect; if you expect the worst you will get it, just as if you have a positive outlook then you may be rewarded with great outcomes. Your unconscious appearance could be read as behaving like an eccentric.

Karma Number 22: As a number 22 you must develop the ability to control your mind at the unconscious level. As the number 11 you must come to understand that thinking negatively will bring problems and obstacles to your success into your life. Conversely, thinking positively will bring about great things and drive you towards the achievement of your goals. You have the ability to bring your dreams into reality and to inspire others as a leader and mentor.

Work diligently to adjust your thoughts feelings and behaviors using the numerology lessons that your readings reveal. This will greatly improve your journey through life and your Karma as a whole being assisting you to reach fulfillment and enlightenment.