Overall Equipment Effectiveness- Software Competence

There is something about software mechanics and computer gadgets that make it an interesting topic to write about and the author has no qualms in admitting that he isn’t an expert in this area to regale others through sermons regarding its importance.

But as the title of the heading shows, this is going to be about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) that many people would be confused about but it will be an illuminating article for most as they’ll get to learn something new.

When the topic is about software and electronic gadgets, one has to choose his words carefully because there are many things that can go wrong especially when it is about something that the general public is unaware of and OEE very much falls into that category.

Performance Manufacturing

OEE is defined as a utilization of manufacturing performance based on its actual potential where we have resources, material, time and mechanics where they combine together to form a fusion and are scheduled to run for an entire duration.

Duration is the time involved to complete the process and depends on many factors like the time allotted, availability of resources, performance orientation, capital production, etc. to name a few.

As the name suggest, it is the gauging of the effectiveness of equipment to its overall potential and this only happens when the produced products are 100% effective in quality which means that only those of high potent have been manufactured.

But that isn’t enough as it has to be done in the earliest possible time at speed which means performance is also 100% and without any hindrance or interruption, which counts as availability.

OEE measurement is an important part of manufacturing where you need to practice it on a regular basis in order to get the gist of the machine and how it functions so that it produces 100% results.

It is difficult to sustain good results all the time but one can always try his level best and if things don’t go according to plan, you can always learn from mistakes through measuring OEE and gauging the losses attained where you can gain an insight on improving things that have not been up to the mark.

Manufacturing process is a hard boiled task where you need to have a good team where responsibilities are shared equally among one and all without burdening any one person and has to be supervised by an efficient person.

Progress Report

It is important for any good organization to main accounts of profits and losses incurred during the financial year so that a progress report can be created for performance measurement.

In addition, the losses have to be corrected where time-to-action practice has to be reduced and real performance feedback as to be given to all employees especially inefficient and lazy ones.

The data attained has to be relevant to the plot and machines have to be connected easily at a low cost along with taking special care of improvement by monitoring employee activities so as to achieve better results in the future.

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