Perfect Pregnancy Workouts And Eating Plan

Much to my pleasure I have been getting some remarkable comments lately on how amazing I look considering I just had my second (and last) baby four months ago. Some people thought I was the nanny not the mother of my lil’ baby boy, Tallyn. The one comment that made me laugh was “Oh, wow! You are so lucky to get back into shape that quickly.”

Luck you say… Luck has nothing to do with it! I exercise and eat well. When I say I eat well I am referring to eating real food to control my weight, not dieting. I am never hungry. I am not counting calories and I am still enjoying chocolate bars and ice cream on the weekends. Life is too short to start measuring your food and panicking over ever morsel of food that goes into your mouth.

I do practice what I preach because it works. It especially works over the long term because you don’t’ feel like you are dieting and you aren’t depriving yourself of anything. Many of you have emailed me and asked me what EXACTLY do I eat and how much exercise do I do? Well, here is my weekly routine for what I do at the moment – of course, this does change a little (as yours should too) so 

Exercise – I do Patricia Friberg’s postnatal DVD workout at home. I love this workout because it includes sections where you can workout with your baby so I get to bond with Tallyn and get an efficient workout in at the same time.

Patricia is a personal friend of mine so I was lucky enough to get/given a copy of her DVD for free but you can pick yours up

Like me, Patricia practices what she preaches and you can see from the photo that she has lost even more weight since following her own DVD. She has lost over 25lbs since filming this video with me. In this video Patricia shares her own personal struggle with weight gain during her second pregnancy and also reveals how she turned it around for weight loss success within a busy life.

Patricia gives you five key tips on how to make sure you squeeze some fitness into your life, for sanity and weight loss. Of course, I forced her to share one of her favorite family friendly recipes as well – spaghetti squash meatballs. Check it out below.

To get the exact recipes and even cooking videos plus many more fat loss tips, check out my Real Food for Real Fat Loss Plan.

So like I said – Luck has nothing to do with it. I adhere to the Real Food for Real Fat Loss plan and have efficient workouts like what Patricia has in her DVDs (she has both Pre Natal and Post Natal). I am getting my four packs back – never could get an exact six-pack. And like many moms over 35, I have to have fast workouts that will boost my metabolism. I certainly don’t have time to spend hours in the gym or cooking in the kitchen. Everything has to be super quick and healthy.

For men Testosterone supplements are very effective while working out for cutting and toning muscles. However women should practise caution while using them. Pregnant women should definitely consult their physician first before consuming any supplements. They can look for natural sources as they are never harmful like certain fruits or vegetables.