Pest Free Environment- Care for Greenery

We human beings are quite a strange lot when it comes to cleanliness where some are totally obsessed with keeping surroundings neat and tidy while others are completely lazy to clean even their own room and in fact, revel in mess and muck around them as it is their definition of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is next to godliness is a phrase that has been rendered obsolete long back and today’s youngsters are hesitant to even clear a speck of dust from their wall so it becomes a cue for pests to start accumulating in such places.

A cleanliness drive has to start sooner or later and one need not be bothered about the whole world but start out with cleaning their own surroundings and what better place to make pest free than your own house?

Spray Theory

When it comes to pests, there are many of them out there but the ones that cause the most problems at home are mosquitoes, termites and bed bugs so one can imagine the plight that residents face because all of us have been in that situation many times.

A pest spray comes in great handy in such times but that should be the last resort only after all efforts have been tested and failed therefore let’s list out the points that you need to follow to keep pests at bay.

  • You can start off by throwing garbage into the dustbin after dinner and give it to the garbage disposal van first thing in the morning so that mosquitoes don’t start breeding upon the leftovers as it can give rise to diseases.
  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom at regular intervals because these two places are most susceptible to pests as more than 90% of dirt and filth in the house are accumulated here for pest infestation. So take a disinfectant and clean the gas stove, cupboard, storage racks and kitchen sink because leftover food particles are the main reason for pests to start breeding around the surface
  • Clean the bathroom and latrine with a toilet cleaner especially the latter on alternate days along with the curtains and shower nozzle to keep it free of rust and moss
  •  Keep all fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the fridge after bringing them home because they become rotten quickly during peak summer and emit a foul smell that is unpleasant to try out and this includes ripe fruits that have been cut because they rot even quicker that attracts houseflies, cockroaches and ants that are impossible to manage

  • Stagnant water is another reason why pests accumulate in large numbers so clean the sink and wash basin and repair leakage in the pipes and on the roof because the filthy water gives rise to mosquito breeding that in turn leads to malaria and dengue that is more vulnerable for kids
  • Also keep your garden clean and maintained by filling up the pits and holes where water can accumulate and prune your plants regularly without fail
  • Cover up all the holes in the house and windows along with the nets so that cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents don’t find a way in
  • Never keep unnecessary accessories in your house and get rid of them to make it less crowded
  • The aforementioned measures would reduce pest invasion to a great extent but the coup de grace is calling pest control to end the story