Risk And Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

As women get close to menopause, the ovary makes less progesterone and estrogen better, which control the monthly cycle. These hormones affect your bones, heart, vagina. By replacing these hormones in the lab, the symptoms of menopause become easy to understand. It is a medication containing the female hormones to replace the estrogen that stops your body during menopause.

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. The advantages of this therapy include the following-

  • Help you to sleep better
  • Relieve night sweats and hot flashes
  • Make sex experience less painful
  • Ease in itching and vaginal dryness
  • Women likely to suffer from heart disease
  • Lower chances of dementia

Risk of hormone replacement therapy

According to the initiative of women’s health, it has been seen that hormone replacement therapy slightly raises the odds of heart diseases, stroke, and breast cancer. It mainly affects those women who had probably gone through menopause and were taking a combination of progestin and estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy pill has increased risk of the certain dangerous condition that includes heart stroke, heart disease, best cancer, and blood clots. Many studies have also suggested risky situations that depend upon health history, type of hormone therapy, and age.

  • Type of hormone therapy

This risk of hormone therapy depends upon whether the estrogen is applied alone or given with progestin and the type of estrogen.

  • Age

a woman who begins hormone replacement therapy at the age of 60 or from the onset of menopause stage has a greater risk of blood clots, blood cancer, and another heart-related disease.

  • Health history

Your personal medical history and family history increase the risk of liver diseases, blood clots, Osteoporosis, and heatstroke diseases. These are the important factors that you need to determine whether this therapy is appropriate for you or not.

Types of hormone therapy

Hormone replacement therapy generally focuses on replacing the estrogen that Is no longer formed after menopause. There are two types of estrogen therapy such as low-dose vaginal products and systemic hormone therapy. Systemic estrogen comes in a skin patch, pill, ring, cream, and spray form. It contains a high dose of estrogen that gets absorbed throughout your body. This therapy can also be used for treating common symptoms of menopause.

Low doses vaginal products of estrogen come in ring or cream tablet form that minimizes the amount of estrogen absorbed by your body. Due to this, a low dosage vaginal preparation and generally used to treat urinary and vaginal symptoms of menopause. If you have not removed your uterus, the doctor will advise or prescribe estrogen along with progestin or progesterone because only estrogen without progesterone can’t stimulate the growth of the uterus lining. It can lead to an increase in the risk of endometrial cancer.

How to reduce risk?

For reducing the risk that arises due to hormone replacement therapy, You can consult with a doctor about all the strategies that include the following-

  • Find the best product and best delivery method

You can also take estrogen Information in the form of a patch, pill, and slow-releasing ring that you can replace in your vagina. If you are experiencing only the vaginal symptoms related to menopause, then the estrogen In low dose tablet, vagina cream is generally considered the best choice than skin patch.

  • Minimize the amount of medication

Always use a low effective dose for the shortest amount of time needed for treating your symptom if you are at the age of 45 or more than you need to get enough estrogen to protect against long-term health effects due to its deficiency.

  • Regular care

Always visit a doctor to ensure the benefits of this therapy that continue to overweigh All the risks. You can also include physical exercise in your daily routine by maintaining a proper date and managing chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

For getting a brief of replacement therapy you can get proper guidance from hormone replacement therapy SlideShare.