Rowing Machine- Cardio Comparison

When you have sound health then you don’t have anything to worry about. But sadly in the present age when Covid-19 is at its peak, it is difficult to keep track of your body as you never know when and how corona virus gatecrashes into your body like an uninvited guest.

The current generation is quite particular these days when it comes to health concerns and don’t leaving no stone unturned to keep themselves in good shape. Maybe it’s because they’ve seen their parents and elders grappling with problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

The youngsters not only go to the gym for sweating it out for hours but also eat healthy and nutritious food along with protein shakes and vegetables to keep up with their workout regime, which is why you’ll find many of them bulked up to a great extent that makes them look intimidating.

The obese folks that have a huge girth go for cardio exercises like cycling and treadmill while the ones with a leaner body opt for heavyweight ones like barbells and weight lifting techniques.

Difference Option

People don’t realize the importance of a rowing machine and tend to neglect it most of the time when compared to treadmill and weightlifting. A rowing machine takes care of both lower and upper body on each stroke that you take.

Rowing is to increase your endurance level and put your muscles so that the tones become stronger that enable you to lift heavier weights as time passes on. Furthermore, it is excellent for cardio workout as well as its beneficial for your heart, lungs and kidneys.

A popular misconception about rowing is that it works only for arms while the truth is that many people use it for a full body workout and reap excellent results within a short span of time.

It all depends on how regular you are with exercises because you can’t achieve results in one day as it requires constant practice. At the same time, you don’t have to slog it out each day as 4 to 5 days a week is enough.

A renowned Fitness Professionals Association in the US have conducted various experiments on this issue and have found out that nearly 70% of rowing is for leg work and 30% for upper body while the quadriceps and glut yield maximum results.

Aside from the arms, rowing strengthens your abdominal muscles while the leg muscles are strengthened through drive part and pushing the foot stretcher every day but at the same time it shouldn’t tear any ligaments.


Hydrow Rowing Machines are quite popular for rowing exercises so if you are dealing with body issues then you should purchase one immediately as it comes with an affordable price and results are shown quickly.

You can look up many a Hydrow review online if you’re confused about which machine you need apart from various YouTube videos that will guide you regarding rowing machines.

All in all, it is your body that it is the ultimate priority and it’s your job to keep it in a good shape.