The Best Dress For Your Shape

Wearing the right dress for your shape is the most effective way of emphasizing your best bits and hiding your not-so-great bits. Getting it right is easy as long as you know the basics. It is so easy to wear a dress that is slightly too small or too big. Wearing a too-tight dress will cling to all the wrong places, but at the same time, you don’t want to look like a little girl lost in clothes that swamp a smaller frame.

Ever since Bridget Jones graced our screen in her tummy taming big pants more girls than ever are using shapewear to make the most of their shape. This figure-hugging underwear can pull you in where you need it most and create drop-dead gorgeous curves, so you are on top form to fill your Christmas party dress.

The options from online store Very are endless; from full-body to thigh slimming, to waist clinching – there’s something to rescue anyone who thinks they need a helping hand. So check out the Very dresses today. First of all, you need to decide which figure category you fall into and one of the best ways to do that is you check kodona fashion before you make any decision. These are the categories we think most girls are familiar with and the dresses we think you should be wearing:

  • Apple

stick to A-line dresses and cotton fabrics, monochrome is a particularly good look as it will create clean straight lines and will make your figure look slimmer.

  • Hourglass

lucky girls! For too long girls have been craving super-thin figures, but the hourglass really is one of the best body shapes to have. An hourglass means a bigger bust, a rounder bottom, and a small waist – very womanly. Again, A-line dresses are great for your shape, as they will accentuate your waist, avoid anything straight or boxy like a shift, as you will lose your waist in this.

  • Athletic

If you have a boyish figure then you’re actually in luck because most designers design clothes to fit around this type of frame. A wrap dress is a good style to help soften your figure – don’t try and bulk yourself to create curves, stick to fabrics that don’t cling to your figure.

  • Pear

draw attention away from your bottom by sticking to block colors but having print on top, drawing more attention to your breasts. Again, wrap dresses will work for your figure as will A-line dresses with an empire waist.