The Cool New Way To Get Rid Of Fat – “CoolSculpting”

Working out regularly and not getting results? Stubborn fat, forcing to throw party dresses away? Too embarrassed to wear your favorite dress? Well, how about an easier and way cooler way to solve it. Harvard Medical School has just the thing.

Medical Science has improved massively over the last decade. Fat, that is too stubborn to leave even after hours and cardio and months of broccoli, now can be eliminated with swag.

Introduction of CoolSculpting

Fat molecules are not at all in good books with low temperature. Being subjected to extreme cold kills them within hours. Coolsculpting was first developed as a prototype in the year 2008 and was officially introduced by 2012. It is patented by ZELTIQ who first developed it. Best Coolsculpting is often found in Kansas City, US.

Process of CoolSculpting

The whole process generally takes one to three hours, and does not need hospitalization. The patient may need to be monitored if the doctor suggests. The doctor will first find the areas where the fat is stubborn and take pictures of the patient. Then the patient is given an appointment and asked to wear loosely fitted clothes on the day. 

After putting the patient in a comfortable position, preventive gel is applied at the area. The gel is needed to protect the good cells. Then with a suction device the upper layer of the skin is gradually vacuumed and gradually the area containing most of the fat is acquired. Then the temperatures start falling to as low as -39 to -41 degree Fahrenheit. This instantly kills the fat cells by burning them beyond repair. Due to the application of the preventive gel the patient only feels tingling sensation or numbness even after being subjected to such low temperatures.

After the completion of the procedure the patient is released and asked to maintain a normal, healthy life. The body gradually heals the place by eliminating the dead cells. This results in reduction of the bulge and the process generally takes two to three weeks. 

The timing and the result may vary upon certain conditions like daily activities of the patient, other chronic diseases involved and the amount of area treated. But around nine out of ten patients worldwide have seen satisfactory results and recommend it to others. The doctor will ask for another appointment for follow up. He may take pictures to show the results and for educational and research purposes.

Advantages of CoolSculpting

There are many other forms of treatment for fat reductions. Many are efficient. Oral medicines and diet need a lot of time to work, whereas liposuction is an active surgery. On the other hand, Coolsculpting does not need much of eligibility. It is a quick and simple process. The results are natural and long-lasting. The actual result often begins to show slowly but, because of its long-lasting characteristic, it is one of the best ways to lose fat. As this is neither surgery nor a long process of management and care it can be called the revolution in fat reduction procedure.


There are over five million successful operations of Coolsculpting worldwide. Doctors and patients both prefer less invasive treatments for any kind of diseases. Thus, Coolsculpting have gained popularity over a very small amount of time. It was introduced in the past decade and was medically approved and commercial success within the past eight years. 

From being the best CoolSculpting in Kansas City, this process is now popular in the European and Asian Countries also. As obesity is a worldwide problem, weight reduction surgeries are not uncommon. Having a way to procure which is both cost efficient and quick to heal is an absolute gift to mankind.

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