The Eight Easy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly!

I am getting married soon and was desperate about losing weight. I successfully lost 13 pounds in the first week and 10 pounds in the second week. I know it sounds unhealthy but I tried to stick as much as possible to healthy ways. it was a great encouragement to me when I lost all this weight and so I wanted to share every step of the way with you .i felt motivated enough to keep losing weight in a healthy manner. here are the details of my second week,in which I lost 10 pounds on 7 days.

Please remember that extremely fast weight loss is never healthy.

Here are the following steps I took and successfully lost 10 pounds in 7 days;

  • First was a day of detox, to cleanse my system and prepare it for its weight loss. I prepared a drink of lemon juice, ginger and honey, mixed it with water and drank it during the day. Whenever I was hungry I would just drink this mix. I felt no weakness, cramps or lack of energy while I drank this during the first day. It was fairly easy and I know it helped start my weight loss process. I know some people have this one week but I prefer one day.

  • I limited the amount of foods to eat because I was in a hurry to lose weight fast. I had plenty of vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs and some fruit. (mostly oranges and apples)my new rule was half the plate should be vegetables (though its best to avoid potatoes),one quarter of the plate should be fish or white meat, and the rest can be fruit ( though not bananas, they are too sweet and starchy)I know eating less is not a good option in the long run, but in the short run and for a quick weight loss its very effective. Also an easier way is to get a smaller plate during meal times. Eating less is very difficult but I reached my goal and so it was definitely worth it .
  • I added two apples and a can of black beans to my daily diet. I had the beans as my main meal or split them into two meals, and had veggies on the side. This is a trick that dieters don’t ever tell. Its effective because 35 grams of fiber in a daily diet really supercharges weight loss and they clean the digestive track while improving your digestion.
  • I started eating breakfast and dinner was at 7 pm at night. Breakfast was important. it boosted me for the day and helped burn calories faster because I was energized all day. I didn’t realize a good breakfast was so important for weight loss. I had plenty of energy also. I had at least ten glasses of water during the day. I still drink a lot of water. Water cleanses the body, increases the metabolic rate and keeps you from feeling hungry.

  • I distributed my calorie intake during the day. I had 5 small meals a day. That way I never felt hungry.
  • I limit my intake of fat and sweet foods. Whenever I get the urge to indulge in sweet foods, I try to have them during the first half of the day because metabolism is faster in the morning. in fact I treat myself to some ice cream or doughnuts every few days.
  • Instead of drinking fruit juice, I try to have fresh fruit. Juice is too sweet for weight loss. Its better to have plain water or unsweetened green tea.
  • I try to keep myself busy and motivated all day because when you are busy, you don’t have time to go into the kitchen and binge. This works wonders.

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