The Hanged Man Tarot Card – Know about the importance of tarot

So, you got The Hanged Man in your Tarot card reading and you do not know what to think? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Within this article, we are going to be telling you what The Hanged Man means in the tarot card deck.

In the traditional tarot card decks you will find The Hanged Man suspended in between two poles that are upright, these new poles are sprouting new leafy growth. The Hanged Man is suspended by his ankles. This is symbolizing that he is renouncing any pain or pleasure that might result from any action he chooses. The suspension by his foot is also symbolizing that the hanged man is choosing not to move forward in life.

The learning of the kyanite meaning for the protection to the life is possible. The reduction in the pain from the life is possible for the people. The change in the lifestyle of the people is possible for the life. It is essential to get the desired results for the successful running of the life. 

If you continue looking at the traditional tarot card of The Hanged Man you are going to find his hands are behind his back. This is symbolizing that his hands are not being used, as hands rule touch, action and thought. We use our hands to grasp at situations that arise both externally and internally. In other words, hands hold on.

The hanged man’s legs are crossed forming a number four. The number four is what rules one’s sense of ego and “I AM.” The hanged mans bent knee is symbolizing his flexibility and ability when it comes to bending to the will of a consciousness that is higher. In some of the older tarot card decks the Hanged Man was shown letting go of money bags. This was symbolizes the renunciation of some sort of reward that was either spiritual or financial, from some sort of action.

In many ways, the Hanged Man is representing “action in nonaction.” As you may already know, sometimes it is wiser to do nothing instead of doing something just for the sake of doing it. The Hanged Man card has Neptune as its planet and is fascinating to many individuals. The Hanged Man is reflecting the story of Odin who was known for offering himself as a sacrifice in order to get knowledge. Odin hung from the world tree and was hurt by a spear; he was given nothing to eat and hung there for nine days. On the last day of his hanging, he saw runes on the ground that had fallen from the tree. He understood the meaning of the runes, came down and scooped them all up for his own self.

You may be glad to know that the Hanged Man is not a card about death; it is a card about suspension. This is a time of selflessness, meditation, sacrifice and prophecy. The Querent stops resisting and makes himself or herself vulnerable. The Querent also sacrificed his or her position, in doing this they gain illumination. The answers that once eluded them become clear and understanding.