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Steroids are man-made compounds that closely mimic the function of hormones inside the human body. The main purpose of steroids is to reduce inflammation, however, they cannot be used as a substitute for medication. When it comes to steroids used by athletes and bodybuilders, these are known as anabolic steroids and contain significant levels of testosterone. Anabolic steroids are used to tackle a wide range of health issues in men ranging from delayed puberty, muscle loss to other ailments. A common application of these steroids would be to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass.

What are some of the forms of taking steroids?

The most commonly used forms of steroids would be available in the form of pills which are then ingested. Other forms also include injecting it into the body in the form of a liquid. Many users tend to resort to stacking, which is the phenomenon of taking two or more steroids at the same time to accelerate the results within the body. Many are said to follow a pyramid cycle where they increase the number of steroids they are consuming at the beginning and gradually decrease it to a minimal amount at the end.

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