Why Is It Called Fat Facts

The name represents a double entendre, an expression with dual meanings. First, we provide the Facts about why people become obese, which is misunderstood by most. Second, we provide the Facts about fat as a macronutrient that has been wrongly vilified for decades much to our detriment.

The general consensus and the foundation for almost all weight loss plans are that we get fat because we eat too much and that the solution is to eat less. Of course, this strategy has been failing massively for as long as people have tried to eat less. Less than 5% of dieters lose weight and keep it off on typical “diets”. A quick look at nature explains why. No animal in its natural environment will become obese or develop obesity-related diseases.

No animal in its natural environment will go hungry if food is available. A hunger signal is part of our survival instinct, a powerful force within all of us that is difficult (at best) to ignore. Going hungry when food is available is not natural. If your diet demands you to be hungry, it is asking you to resist a powerful force of nature which is why so many fail. The reality is we get fat not because of how much we eat, but because what we eat is not our natural diet.

When you follow the Fat Facts Plan, you are eating in a way that works for your body in accordance with nature. It is much easier to cooperate with nature than to resist. When you eat this way, your weight naturally returns to what is healthy for you effortlessly. Also, once you eliminate those foods that nature never intended us to consume, your body will return to a natural state of good health. Nature did not intend for us to be obese, diabetic, or to have the host of pre-diabetic conditions that plague so many. Additionally, you can also start using natural weight loss supplements like phenq that can help you with weight loss as well.

As for fat as a macronutrient, the only “bad” thing about natural fat in our diets is its name, “Fat”. That name sure makes it easy to assume fat makes us fat. That is one horribly flawed assumption. The obesity and diabetes epidemics we are now witnessing clearly begin with the government recommendations that we eat less fat (1977).

When questioned, those behind this advice will insist the problem is that we are not heeding their good advice, but studies show conclusively that we, as a society, are eating far less fat (About 25% less), than we did 40 years ago. The natural fat in the diet is clearly not the problem.

The Fat Facts training will show you clearly why you have become overweight, how what you eat creates obesity and sickness and why other plans are surely destined to fail. You will learn the Facts about fat in your diet and how to create good health and a healthy weight by eating more of it. Nature intended for us to be healthy, are you ready to cooperate with nature and reclaim your health?